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Bitsol has partnered with Timecentral from Singapore to bring the BioTemp contactless temperature reading device to Australia. BIOTEMP is contactless face recognition device with build-in temperature recording. It performs facial recognition and temperature screening in about a second. It is also capable of recognizing while a mask is worn. recognizes and alerting abnormal or high temperatures. BIOTEMP takes about a second for Facial recognition and temperature screening. If the device captures Abnormal / High temperature, the screen turns red and triggers an alarm. Other notifications can also be configured like email notification.  

What it can do?

Face Recognition

Visitor Temperature Recording

Temperature Alert & Alarm

Real Time Push To Cloud

Multi Time Zones

Seamless integration with existing systems


  • Contactless Temperature Screening & Face Recognition with built-in Biometric Attendance
  • 1-Second Facial Recognition even with the mask on enforcement of mask-wearing
  • Door Access by Face recognition with Liveness detection
  • 100% Cloud platform access to attendance, temperature & visitor management
  • AI Based Alerts, Reports & Statistics
  • ISO 27001 Certified Solution
  • A full stack solution including Hardware device, Installation, Configuration, Training, Mobile app and Cloud access.

How is it used?


For more info contact on mobile: +613 9041 1190 and email on