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Modern Web Apps are not limited to desktops only as mobile-centric web has gained significant importance. As an application development company, we build cross-platform web applications and take your business to the next level. Some of our offerings are:

  • Custom Web Application Development.
  • Web Application Modernization.
  • Application Integration.
  • Application Re-Engineering


Access Gatherer

  • Issuers of superannuation and managed investment products to retail clients now need deal to with enhanced fee disclosure.
  • In order to comply with ASIC' s RG97 disclosure requirement's Funds need to gather information on investment costs from their associated underlying fund managers.
  • AS an industry wide compliance requirement, it is incumbent upon Funds to come up with a process and mechanism through which managers can submit their data in a form that can be used to meet the Fund's disclosure obligations.
  • This can be done separately by each Fund od collectively in collaboration with a group of Funds
  • The Gatherer connects Funds and Managers enabling efficent aggregation and transfer of key disclosure data.

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 Superfunds and RG97

       How Regulatory Changes Can Lead The Super Industry Into The 21st Century

To download a copy of our E-Book click here.

This e-Book unpacks the 4 main problems that the Super industry is facing right now.

  • Collection of data to meet ASIC disclosure obligations .
  • Industry deficits in data collection and reporting solutions .
  • Data quality – sufficient detail and accuracy .
  • Data aggregation, accessibility and analysis .

It will help you discover some ways that you could handle the changes within your organisation, as well as providing a solution that provides and efficient and effective means of requesting, collecting and reporting the required data from fund manager or 3rd parties.

This e-book will give you a great deal of insight and help you make the right choice in finding a solution.

 How can superfunds and managers gather RG97 data using a secure platform?

To download our Video click here

This Video unpacks the 4 main problems that the Super industry is facing right now

  • Collection of data to meet ASIC disclosure obligations .
  • Industry deficits in data collection and reporting solutions .
  • Data quality – sufficient detail and accuracy .
  • Data aggregation, accessibility and analysis .

It also contains a Case Study of these problems, and takes a good look at a full-service solution that will put the Super industry at the forefront of collection and reporting technology.

Reference Library

A database system which acts as a central source of static data to ensure consistency of information used in management reporting. Features at glance:

  • Data reconciliation: Ability to perform reconciliation of new/existing asset records through data imports.
  • Default Asset Allocations: Allows to set SAA, TAA, CFA values of investment options.
  • Currency mapping: Stores currency code and cash account number.
  • Default cash portfolio: Parking portfolios under asset class .
  • GST & RITC: Stores GST & RITC values feeding associated systems .
  • Public Holiday: Set public holiday for associated transactional systems .
  • Record Management: Ability to create records of .
  • Asset .
  • Portfolio .
  • Asset Class .
  • Investment Option .
  • Fund .
  • Hierarchy Management: Ability to create, manage and share hierarchies with any associated systems .
  • Types of hierarchies .
  • Investment option hierarchy .
  • Asset class hierarchy .

Liquidity Management System

A system which facilitates the processing of capital contributions and rebalancing from the Fund’s administrator across the investment options Features at glance:

  • Distribution of capital contributions across multiple sectors .
  • Generating reports analysing source and allocation weightings .
  • Assessment cash-flow requirements and issuing of instructions .
  • Portfolio Rebalancing .
  • Assessment of cash-flow requirements and issuing of instructions .
  • Data analysis & Reporting .
  • Ability to validate transaction data for Portfolio, Asset Class & Option level impacts .
  • Ability to perform portfolio rebalancing .
  • Ability to perform cash flow management and project future cash flow .
  • Ability to manage historical allocations & cash flow .
  • Ability to extract .
  • Processed data .
  • Generate Instructions .
  • Generate Summary Reports .

Investment Cost Ratio and calculation system

Calculation, analysis and reporting of Management Expense Ratios across investment options Features at glance:

  • Ability to import & consolidate .
  • Management Fee .
  • AUM .
  • Costs involved .
  • RG97 Expense Category Data .
  • Currency Exchange rates .
  • Data analysis & Reporting .
  • Performance fee analysis at investment level .
  • MTD fee reporting at Asset Class level & Option level .
  • Ability to calculate and categorise different types of fees [ base, performance, management, etc.
  • Monthly, quarterly and YTD accumulation of fees and costs .
  • YTD calculation of Investment Cost Ratio(ICR) .

Crediting Rate Calculation and authorisation system

  • Ability to import & consolidate unit price crediting rates and tax files .
  • Data analysis & reporting .
  • Ability to create MTD and YTD CR calculations .
  • Ability to manage adjustment and tolerances of investment options .
  • Ability to perform crediting rate authorisation .
  • Ability to create scorecard with calculated rates for different investment Options .
  • Ability to publish Crediting Rates .
  • Ability to generate crediting rate data in PDF, XML, CSV for third party .
  • Ability to send generated documents to email distribution list .

Interface Hub

The File Management Interface Hub can capture all files sent between systems and external providers, capturing files through FTP/UNC/email/manual file transfer

  • Constant monitoring of locations for the availability of files .
  • An Activity/audit log is maintained to log every activity undertaken by the system itself .
  • Alerts/Confirmations will be automatically released on an exceptions basis .
  • The system does not require a user to be logged on to receive alerts, the Hub will have triggers defined within it which will alert specified users via email or sms should an event or issue arise .

RFID- based inventory management solution

  • Facilitate inventory management of parts/assets .
  • Track the movement of assets and parts .
  • Minimise the time required to locate an asset< .
  • Identify depleting stock parts .
  • Prevent overstocking thus optimising spending .
  • Removing guess work from re-ordering process by precise knowledge of time to order, what to order and how much to order .


  • 2D & 3D animation (video & imagery) .
  • Cloud ready customisable content and document management system .
  • Content delivery platform for web and wobile devices (iOS, android & windows) .
  • Compliance education and assessment .
  • Implementation and training .
  • Easy content management and metadata creation .
  • Document management module with ability to attach supporting files with preview functionality.
  • Custom workflow management including tacit knowledge capture tools .
  • Configurable alerts, automatic follow-ups and escalation .
  • Assessment module with completion certificates .
  • Audit trail and version control .
  • Platform independent media streaming .
  • Ability to view in offline mode for use in remote areas .
  • E-mail & Calendar integration .
  • Secure User management .